Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ham Ninh fishing village ( Phu Quoc ) - An idyllic beauty

Ham Ninh fishing village located on the Dong island, behind the mountains, facing the immense sea, the place still seems to remain unspoiled with makeshift thatched bamboo walls. The main occupation in Ham Ninh fishing village is still the pearl diving, catching sea cucumbers...

In the past, fishermen came here and founded a fishing village. Ham Ninh is quiet marinas and boat safety. The boat from the mainland to here to transport goods and seafood.

Standing on the beach Ham Ninh, the island og HaiTac archipelago ( Ha Tien ) looming in the distance. Southeast deviate, Nghe rock blue water shimmering. The South is Ong Doi - the last headland of the island. Visit Ham Ninh in the early morning or the night of a new moon, the beauty of this beach. Here visitors will enjoy scenes eclipses floating on the sea surface.

Come enjoy without crab boil as incomplete. Crab is the specialty of this region, almost always. I just caught the boiled crabs, bright red, succulent meat, then put salt and pepper fresh lemon...
Leaving Ham Ninh, tourists also do not forget to bring a few dozen crabs for dinner with friends to sip in Vietnam tour.

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